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My approach to Tic Times website was to make a simple and elegant website that emphasized watch repair. To achieve this I chose large high quality photographs to display the type of craftsmanship that goes along with repairing watches. I also chose to use images of expensive and high quality watches to show the customers that we can be trusted with, and service luxury watches. As I was designing my website my original idea was to have the selections page have numerous pictures of various watches that we would most likely service. I decided to change this plan and only focus on one specific brand, and one specific watch design due to that fact that Tic Time repairs a very large amount of watches, and finding high quality images of all of them would be time consuming and impossible. I chose to display only 3 watches and enlarge to images to show the detail in the craftsmanship of the watch and to make the website more simple to compliment its elegance.

This approach worked for my audience because the navigation of the website was very simple and intuitive. Within the site there is nothing to distract you, and no superfluous information that would waste the customers time with products and information that they don’t need. This works for my customers because most of them are business women and men that lead busy lives and don’t have time to browse a site for useless information when all they want is a place that can trust, and that will repair their high quality watches in a timely manner. This also works for my customers due to the minimum amount of buttons they have to pouch to navigate through the site. Most of my customers will be viewing my site through their mobile phones so this allows them to navigate through the site faster.

One of the many pieces of feedback that I received from my classmates was to change the color on my navigation buttons once they had been pressed. I also need change the color of the “Make an Appointment” button to grey or blue so that it looks like it belongs in the website because it stands out to much. A few things that would help the readability of my site would be to move the text away from the edge on my home page, and also to not have the test in all caps on my repairs page when showing the prices. Some other pieces of feedback I received from my classmates was to center my navigation bar vertically.





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Tic Time Brief

Background/Overview-The company is communicating to there customers through a basic website, with a straight forward layout. The website doesn’t a lot of design incorporated into it and has minimal features and uninteresting information. Much of the information is thrown at the viewer and could be organized much better. They could use their website more efficiently by cutting back on the information that is not necessary and organizing the information they have more clearly. Tic Time does use social media but they use it sparingly just for a glorified contact information page. The three main problems with their online presence is the organization of their website, the uninteresting graphics and photos that don’t keep you engaged, and the organization of information such as Repair Prices.

Objective/Purpose- One thing is plan to accomplish with the Tic Time website is to create a intuitive website that graphically gives the customer an idea of what Tic Time does in all aspects of their business. I plan to accomplish this by using great photography and interactive website layout. I also want to show the great quality of work they do threw images that capture their craftsmanship and expertise. This will increase the number of clients that come to their business due to that fact that they will feel their watches and time pieces are receive the best care and worked on with the utmost professionalism.

Audience- The type of person that visits my clients shop tend to be young adults to the elderly. Mostly encompassing the business professional who relies on their watch on a daily basis, and values its worth. The age ranges from 20-60, and has an equal male to female client base. My clients customers are business professional that tend to be on the white collar side that mainly work in the office all day and serve a profession behind a desk. The clients customers are very capable of using the web and probably have some the of smartphone on them at all times. Other online channels that my clients customers use are news websites like The New Yorker, and BBC News, while they also spend a lot of time on financial and investment website such as Charles Schwab. They often use things such as Yelp to find quality places for the services that they need.

Insight- One thing that Tic Time has that its competitors don’t have is direct customer reviews on the side bar of their website. Most other companies have no such thing unless you go to their yelp and most of the reviews are about average. They can greatly benefit from the reviews, especially now a days with applications such as yelp. They also offer a lot of services when it comes to watches that many of their competitors do not do.

Approach- The way I plan to redesign this site will captivate the viewer and make them want to take their important and expensive watches to Tic Time. The redesign will also show the professionalism and craftsmanship that goes along with the service at Tic Time. It will present the information is a simple and quick layout that emphasizes the most important information about Tic Time. To redesign the site I am going to use large images to show the customers that process and the work they want to get done. These images will be large and vertically positioned. When you place your mouse over one of the images a drop down menu will come down showing you what options you have in a specific service at Tic Time. I also plan on getting rid of a lot of the useless information that is on the current site, and focusing on the important information such as the pricing and the specific services Tic Time offers. I will also utilize social media along with the site and make it easily accessible through Facebook and Yelp. I will also use social media to reach customers that may note have a taste for watched to encourage them to come to Tic Time to purchase a time piece for themselves.

Project 1 Reflection

My approach towards Back & Brau was to  create a family oriented restaurant that encouraged social interaction along with a comfortable atmosphere. The create this atmosphere I created a simplistic layout that allowed to customer to make their own decision, and not feel obligated to go with the typical food and wine pairings. In my research I found that the color red subconsciously make customers hungry so I incorporated the color red into my restaurant. Since German cuisine is often centered around meat, I also used to color red to emphasize the restaurants specialty which was red meat. I made the menu as simple as possible and broke the wine list down into Reds and Whites, then further elaborated on the various types of wines as the customer narrowed their search. I originally had my website have 4 columns and arranged the various wines in each column, but then decided against this and chose a 2 column layout to add readability to my wine list.

This approach worked for my audience due to its simplicity and straight forward layout. The layout allows customer with varying knowledge of wines to quickly make decisions starting from broad generalities in taste, to specific styles. Back & Brau also has a relaxed laid back feel that gives someone the feeling of sitting around a campfire. The feeling associated with Back & Brau encourages conversation and social interaction with no emphasis on being rushed to leave. This atmosphere encourages customers to stay for long periods of time, allowing old friends to catch up over a bottle of wine, or a business man to relax with a glass of wine after work. Back & Brau is also a family oriented restaurant that accommodates large groups of people on weekends and weeknights. The restaurants encourages customers to celebrate birthday and special occasions at our location. The knowledgable staff would also accommodate and guide people throughout the menu based on their specific preferences.

The most important feedback I received from class was the use of to much red. The Back & Brau logo consisted of the colors red, white, and blue, I could’ve utilized blue and white a lot more throughout my design. The use of white and blue would have also added to the readability of the website due to the fact that black text is more difficult to read on a red background. Another piece of feedback I received from the class was the recommendation to make the menu buttons a different color to that the viewer would know which page they are on, and also to highlight and draw the viewers attention to the menu options. I also could have added more information to the Wine Pairings page to give the customer more information when selecting their wine with their food.


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Back & Brau Wireframes

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Back & Brau Brief

Background/Overview- Most people do some type of online research before going to a restaurant. Wether its yelp or google, many people look at reviews and use some sort or multi media before they physically enter a restaurant. The majority of restaurants sell wine through various menus that usually break the wines down into their classical groupings or families such as chardonnays and pinot niors. There is a need for an interactive wine list due to the fact that these menus do not inform and educate to customer on the type of wine that they tasting. A well design interactive wine list would provide information that would allow the customer to select a wine based on several option and preferences. Printed wine list only offer the customer the name of the wine, the serving size, and the price, which offers the customer little information. With an interactive wine list, things such as region, flavor, and food pairing can be provided to the customer.

Objective/ Purpose- The objective is to offer the customer a clear and concise wine list with various information that allows them to make the best choice of wine for their tasting. This will allow the customer to have a better experience and gain further knowledge on the wine that they are tasting, wines that they may be interested in, or wines they may not know about.

Audience- The populous that mainly visits Back & Brau range from the age of 18 to elders. They are casual diners that enjoy a pleasant  atmosphere and plan on taking their time dining in a relaxed environment. The restaurant is very family friendly and is a place where someone can sit, enjoy their meal, drink wine, and indulge in a long conversation for lunch or after work. The main type of cuisine that Back & Brau offers is surf and turf which ranges from fine seafood such as scallops and sporting fish to premium meats such as chicken, porter house steak and lamb. The cuisine will be mainly surf and turf but will offer a variety of meals such as pastas, soups and salads. The guest that come to Back & Brau will be fairly knowledgable about food and wine, but are not expected to be experts in the culinary arts. The customers will be frequent diners that tend to go out to eat a couple times a week. The typical wine drinkers will range from young adults to the elderly. The novice wine drinkers will most likely be the young adults that have not experienced tasting a variety of wines yet. The demographics are equally male and female, and tend to be middle class working people. The majority of the customers will be comfortable with technology and be able to use common and widely used technological devices.

Insight- The wine list will help the customers by providing them with enough information to give them a variety of good wines to pair with their food. Therefore making their overall dining experience more enjoyable and memorable so they return for another dining experience. The wine list will also inform and educate the customer on what types of wines typical go with a specific type of food so that even if they don’t return to the restaurant they can use this information for future references.

Approach- The wine list will be direct and simple and will break the numerous wines up in simple categories that the customer can understand. First the wine list will simply be split up into red and white wines. This is usually the first decision that customers make when deciding which wine they’re going to pick. The white wines will be separated into their different families such as zinfandels, chardonnays, and pinot grigio. The red wines will be separated into their different families such as pinot noirs, merlots, and cabernets. As the different types of wine are broken down they will be displayed in different tables along with other similar wines. The list will be arranged from least expensive on the top to most expensive on the bottom. The initial plan for this wine list is to break it down by what people think about first, which is color, taste, family, and price. The guest will use this wine list to narrow down their decision of what wine they want based on their individual preference of taste. This will help the restaurant waitstaff by allowing them to pair the various flavors of wine with the food that the guest orders based on their preference and palate. This will increase sales by allowing the guest more options and variety while selecting their meal and wine adding a customized feel to their dining experience. The wine list will allow the restaurant to be more organized while offering their customers a unique and personalized experience that they can only receive at Back & Brau.